Chhattisgarh Board Class 10 Mathematics Papers


The paper of Mathematics is one of the few papers, which offers a wide spectrum to obtain one hundred percent marks, as the entire question offered are numerical based. Thus candidates have to prepare hard for it. Apart from that Mathematics is really a challenging subject and is very much interesting.  Though some students fear from Mathematics but if practiced regularly then anyone and everyone can master this subject.

Division in the paper:

The paper observes no division or section, and there main question which are arranged in ascending order, as per their marks.

How the paper looks like?

The paper carries a maximum of twenty-three main question, and candidates have to attempt all of them. There are five questions, which are offered in pairs, which are options of two questions are offered, and candidates have to attempt any one.  Most of the questions asked in the paper are such which can be solved in a very little amount of time. Few question are also such, which requires dedicated attempt.

How much marks are allotted for different questions?

The total mark of the paper is one hundred. There are eight questions which carries two marks, one carries three marks, two carries four marks, six carries five marks, three carries six marks, and one question carry seven, eight and ten marks.

Time allotted for examination:

The maximum time duration which is offered to the candidate in the Mathematics paper is three hours.

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