Chhattisgarh Board Class 12 Environment Papers


As far as students at school level are concerned, the 12th standard board exams are the most important. One of the popular boards conducting the 12th standard exam in the country is Chhattisgarh Board. The Candidates have to take the exam for Environmental subject at the end of the course and is one of the easiest papers they have to face.

Information on the subject and paper pattern

The paper is all about environment. This is a very important paper in light of all the exploitation and degradation our environment is facing these days. Topics in the subject mainly focus on recuing pollution and the steps that are to be taken in order to resurrect a degraded environment. Focus is given to technologies that aid to protect the environment and also nature friendly techniques of farming.

The question paper does not contain any sections. The paper consists of 22 questions. The first 6 questions are short answer types and have to be answered in about 30 words. The entire 6 questions have to be answered. Questions 7 to 12 too are short answer types but have to be answered in 50 words.  All the questions from 7 to 12 have to be answered. Questions 13 to 17 have to be answered in 75 words.  Questions 18 to 22 are essay questions and have to be answered in 150 words. All the questions from 18 to 22 have to be answered.

Marking scheme and duration of the exam

The total mark of the exam is 75. The short answer type questions contributes50 marks and 25 marks are contributed by the essay type questions. The candidates need to score a minimum of 40% to pass. The duration of the exam is three hours and the candidates have to finish answering within this stipulated time.

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