Demographer - How to become a Demographer?


Demography is a subdivision of sociology that deals with the study of population trends. In order to become a Demographer, aspirants have to study courses in Demography. Demographers are scientists who gather and scrutinize vital statistics interrelated to human population transformations like births, weddings, and deaths. These professionals plan and carry out research surveys to learn population trends and evaluate the consequences of population movements in due course. They also observe the effects due to the increased birth rate or immigration so as to predict future trends. This may ultimately help the government, social service organizations, and private companies to plan ahead.

Qualifying Exam

Aspirants who have studied the postgraduate program in Sociology or Statistics and have a PhD in the respective fields can turn out to be good demographers. They should have studied the course from an acknowledged University. After completing their course, demographers can seek out for career in public sector or private sector companies. Most of these professionals work for Government agencies, Corporations and market research organizations. Major manufacturing companies also employ demographers for the predicting the local population changes and the type of products majority of the people consume. These professionals also help mapmakers in their work. They can also search for job opportunities in the media field.

Who is eligible to apply?

The eligibility criterion to apply for the postgraduate course in Demography is a pass in graduation in Sociology or related areas. In addition, they have to attend a PG entrance test in order to get admission for the postgraduate programs. Graduates in the related fields can apply for the research programs in Sociology or Statistics. Aspirants must have completed the program from a recognized institute. Demographers have good scope in India and abroad. They can expect a remuneration of around Rs.2 lakh a month. After they gain experience in the relevant fields, they can expect a increase in their emoluments.

Key Points in the process

  • Earn a Bachelors’ Degree in Sociology or related areas
  • Study the Masters’ in Sociology / Statistics
  • Carry on with your PhD programs in Sociology / Statistics
  • Search out for jobs in public as well as private sector

How to prepare for exam and interview?

Study the technical subjects thoroughly so as to clear the test. Procure specialized books from leading bookstores to prepare for the test. Obtain previous years’ question papers from different sources and start working out the problems by fixing a time. By self-evaluation, aspirants will be able to know their weaker portions.



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    i completed my pg in population studies shall i eligble for demographer wher sholud tho jobs are located

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    V.K. Sharma:

    I am MSc, MPhil. How to become demographer.

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    what qualification requirement for a demography because i want to be a demographer in India and i am post graduate in sociology and economics and now i want to apply for demographer job so please tel me which field i should apply.Thank you

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    can i apply for a demographer job in population research center in Delhi after completing post graduation in sociology.