Difference between B.Sc Nursing and GNM


Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a course of 3 year duration which deals with the general principles of nursing and enables them to provide the best nursing care to the patients with the knowledge gained from the physical, biological as well as behavioral sciences. A General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) is a diploma course of 3 and half year duration which enables them to asses various needs of the people from their birth to death. They can apply their knowledge gained from the humanities, biological and behavioral sciences in their nursing career.

However both of them play a prominent role in offering social service to the needy people. Both professions need good communication skill and also a caring mentality and concern towards the patients which is a great relief for them apart from the medicinal care.

B.Sc Nursing and opportunities

Once a person comes out successful after B.Sc nursing graduation, there is a great future awaiting them. They can go for higher studies or else can secure a well paid job. They can go for various specializations in the Master’s degree which enhance their job opportunities. Some of the areas of specialization include the following.

  • Community Health
  • Medical-Surgical
  • Pediatrics Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Psychiatry

There are a lot of public and private enterprises that offer various job opportunities for a B.Sc nursing graduate which includes the following.

  • Clinics and Heath Departments
  • Defense Services
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Houses and Factories
  • Nursing Science Schools
  • Railways and Public Sector Medical Departments
  • Training Institutes

GNM and opportunities

Once a person came out successful after a diploma in GNM, they can look for a good career. They can either choose a higher study option or go for a job in the nursing field. Both public as well as private undertakings offer a variety of platforms for them to work. Some of the organizations offering a job for a GNM pass out are as follows.

  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Schools
  • Private offices
  • Training institutes
  • Rehabilitation centers

They can also assist in various researches.

Key difference between B.Sc Nursing and GNM

A B.Sc nursing graduate has a lot of job opportunities as compared to a candidate with diploma in GNM. The salary packages offered for both professions are also different. A person with B.Sc Nursing will be paid more salary than a GNM professional. There are a lot of institutions offering B.Sc Nursing course as compared to a GNM course. The higher study options available after B.Sc nursing are really more in comparison with the GNM.



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  1. 7

    what is the salary of a gnm staf

  2. 6

    i’m student of B.Sc.nursing 1st year, but don’t have interest in nsg. i have interest in computer programing,so i confused “what to do ? ” computer courses or to be continue nursing ? plz help me :(

  3. 5
    jaswant dhatarwal:

    I completed the b.sc nsg and i want open the clinic.

  4. 4

    After completion of b.sc. Nursing starting salary in india and abroad? Especially in gulf countries

  5. 3
    yogendra singh:

    b.sc. nursing holder can aply for post of male nurse ?

  6. 2
    anuradha sedai:

    i am a BSc. Nursing graduate, passed out before 2 month.
    what i have observed in hospital is that, B.Sc Nurse as well as GNM Nurse are assigned same kind of work… no difference as such seen in thier salary also……..
    they are kept in same level, whether it is a degree course or a diploma course… so, whats the difference between them????

  7. 1
    Sanet Rajan:

    Greetings of the day …
    Can you please tell me which exams are coming forth which can be written by a bsc nurse to upgrade & prove our knowledge & improve job opportunity both in national & international level . Thanks in advance…