Difference between Master of Mass Communication Studies and Master of Communication Studies


Even though Master of Mass Communication Studies and Master of Communication Studies are postgraduate programs, which look as if similar, both are poles apart. Mass Communication is concerned with the academic study of the diverse means by which people and entities impart information to the public through mass media such as print media, television, internet and so on. On the other hand, Communication studies deals with the study of the overall process of communication like allocating symbols over distances and time.

Master of Mass Communication Studies course and career opportunities

Many Universities in India and overseas offer the post graduate program in Mass Communication. Candidates must pursue the program from a recognized institute so as to get good jobs. Mass Communication is a developing field, which has ample scope within the country and abroad. It is an area of study that encompasses several branches. Postgraduate students in the relevant fields can specialize in their interesting subjects. On completion of the course, these professionals can either pursue research programs or look out for career in public or private sector. Most of the mass communication professionals work in publishing houses, film and media industry. They can also search out for career in corporate world or in image management agencies.

Master of Communication Studies course and career opportunities

The post graduation program in Communication studies offers a blend of contextual and ingenious opportunities. Those who have studied Bachelors’ course in Communication studies or related fields can opt for Masters’ programs in the concerned areas. While pursuing the Communication program, aspirants can specialize in their area of interest. After completing the Masters’ course, they can search out for occupation in media, public policy making, and communication and so on. Those who are interested in teaching line can also take up teaching assignments.

Key differentiators between Master of Mass Communication Studies and Master of Communication Studies

  • Master of Mass Communication concentrates on the methods of conveying or broadcasting a message to the wide-ranging populace via media and communication whereas Master of Communication Studies focuses on the study of the methods, principles and techniques concerning with how spectators interpret information.
  • The key difference between the two is that the former focus on the circulation of outdated and current events to the public whereas the latter is the broad science that deals with the study of how people converse, like send and receive messages.

Although Master of Mass Communication and Master of Communication Studies are entirely different steams of study and work atmosphere, both these programs collectively help individuals to gain knowledge about the new technological advancements. By pursuing these programs, they are also able to make innovative progressions in the concerned fields.



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