Difference between Food Craft and Food Technology


Although Food craft and Food technology are food related programs of study, the curriculum and processes involved in both are entirely dissimilar. Food craft deals with the study of designing and arranging the food in attractive manners so as to catch the attention of the customers. In contrast, Food Technology is a branch of food science that is concerned with the selection, perpetuation, processing, packaging, distribution, and the utilization of healthy and nutritious food.

Food Craft courses and career opportunities

Food Craft is a developing area that has significant importance in the day to day world. There are short-term and University level courses in Food Crafting. Aspirants can carry out the Bachelors’ or Master’s course in Food Craft. As it is a field which has so many branches, candidates can study the food crafting courses by taking specialization of their interest. After successfully completing the program, Food Crafts can seek out for career in restaurants, Airlines, leading star hotels, Cruise liner, and in other hospitality sectors. As Food crafts are experts with specialized designing skills, they can expect high level salaries after entering into this sector. They have ample scope within the country and abroad.

Food Technology courses and career opportunities

Many institutes all over the world offer diverse food technology courses. Besides the graduate and postgraduate programs in food technology, there are various diploma courses in the same. Aspirants can also pursue the PhD programs in the concerned areas for carrying out research and development in food technology. On completion of the programs, a food technologist can work as a Production or Quality Assurance Manager. They can also work in food processing and packaging industries. Food technologists can also search out for career in leading cafeteria’s, hotel industries, food manufacturing companies, and production and quality control departments.

Key differentiators between Food Craft and Food Technology

  • Food Technologists concentrates on the entire process of making food stuffs from selection to distribution whereas the food crafts give last touch to foodstuffs by designing it in new styles and patterns.
  • Food Technologists should be technically proficient so as to carry out their work efficiently whereas Food crafts ought to be creative enough along with their subject knowledge so as to plan and exhibit food items in attention-grabbing styles.

Both Food crafts and Food Technologists collectively strive to make the food stuffs have eye-catchy looks and also innovative tastes.



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    I am student of 2nd year of hotel management. I want make my career in food crafting plz tell me about this course and fees structure.