Difference between Software tester and Software developer


Both the Software tester and the Software developer work in the same area, software. Even though they carry out their concerned job in same field, the work nature and profile differ in many ways. Software testers are the skilled people who work with the new software and the related repairs. Software developers are the professionals who develop the new software for different purposes.

Software tester Course and Career opportunities

Software testing is a scrutiny performed to provide information about the quality of a product or software under test to the concerned clients. The trained professionals who perform these testing jobs are called software testers. They work with many new software and report problems of software, if found. Software testing includes many different techniques and is not only limited to execution of programs to find errors or software bugs.

The software companies recruit these professionals mainly to assure the quality of the company’s products and to help them to find and remove any errors or bugs. Some precise tests are used by them to determine the functioning of all aspects of particular program or application. Students need not require any special qualification to become a software tester. However they can pursue bachelor’s degree in computer related field for getting entry level jobs.

Software developer Course and Career opportunities

Software developers are also the professionals working in the companies which develop software for different clients. They are concerned with all aspects of software development process. Sometimes they may be involved in broader aspects other than designing or coding. These wide aspects include computer programming or broad aspects of software product management.

They contribute an outline to the project on application level rather than individual programming tasks. They are usually guided by their lead programmer of particular company where they work. They have to understand and develop the software depending on the clients’ requirements. The candidates need brilliant programming skills and certain formal education to become a successful software developer. They must have at least a bachelor degree in computer science or information technology. Obtaining additional training in software languages will help them to get into this field easily.

Key differentiators between Software tester and Software developer

  • Software testers are the professionals who work with the new software and help in repairing the errors occurred in it whereas Software developers are the professionals who develop the new software products depending on the client requirements.
  • Responsibilities of Software testers’ include testing the software with many techniques and are not limited to finding software errors whereas Software developers’ responsibilities also include broader aspects in development of software products.

Although the software testers and software developers work in the same field, they are at poles apart.



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    hello!! sir, although we do unit & integration testing in development phase then why do we need testing as a seperate phase?

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