Difference between a Game designer and Game developer


Both Game designer and Game developer are involved in development of software games. These professionals are responsible for the design and development of logical games compatible with computers, cell phones, internet and other wireless applications. Even though both the professionals are working side by side, there exist certain differences between the two. The overall creative vision of game vests with game designer whereas game developer is responsible for the practical implementation of the game.

Game designer Courses and job opportunities

Several degree, diploma, and certificate courses in game designing are offered through different Institutes in India. These courses can make the aspirant efficient in designing 2D and 3D games. The courses make students proficient with animation software such as Maya, Max, and so on. These professionals can gain good lucrative jobs in firms involved in development of software games and in organizations developing animated products.

Game developer Courses and job opportunities

As game development comprises all aspects of software development, a four-year bachelor degree in Computer Science is preferable to get established as reputed gaming software professional. An associate degree in the Computer field will help students to obtain an entry-level job in the sector. Those who are working as quality assurance technician in software firms can gradually move in to game development side. Experience in gaming industry and proficiency in any of the gaming software languages are essential to obtain a rewarding job in gaming software development firms.

Key differences between Game designer and Game developer

  • Game developers are actually software developers in the area of entertainment. They are responsible for the overall coding of the game through software programming languages such as C, C++, java, and so on.¬†Game designers on the other hand are responsible for setting rules, stories and characteristics of a software game. They define the ways by which the games are to be played and also design props such as weapons and vehicles.
  • The skill set required for both the professions are much different. The basic skills required for a game designer are creativity, originality and imagination. A game developer must possess better technical know how on programming as well as in animation software tools. In a project, a game designer actually works according to the instructions put forward by the game developer.
  • The education requirement and job nature of both the professions are much different.

Due to increasing popularity of video as well as internet games, the demand for skilled professionals in game designing and development has increased to a great extent. Both the professions can offer better career prospects to professionals.



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