Difference between a Software Developer and Programmer


Software Developer and Programmer are allied professions in software product development. The main responsibility assigned with the programmer is to write source code as part of software program development. They develop codes according to the terms mentioned by the employers or project leaders involved in the development of the software program. The job perspective of software developer is much wider when compared to that of a programmer. They have to concentrate in the overall development of the software program from the beginning stage itself. They have to involve with requirements analysis, specification design, project planning, software development, and in trouble shooting problems associated with it.

Software Developer Courses and Job Opportunities

The bachelor degree in Computer science is often preferred for the job profile of Software developer. The B. Tech degree in Computer Engineering is much useful as it combines technical skills along with strong skills in software development. Technical knowledge in programming languages and ability to perform in all stages of Software development are essential for these professionals. After completion of the course, the professionals can find enormous opportunities with software firms dealing with the same.

Software Programmer Courses and Job Opportunities

The educational requirements for the post of Programmer are much similar to that of Software Developer. Short term or Certification courses will help aspirants to acquire additional skills necessary to perform well in the specific area. Good analytical and logical skills are prerequisite to become an efficient software programmer. They should be well versed with software languages employed in developing source code. The area of employment of Software programmers is also same as that of the Developer

Key differences between Software Developer and Programmer

The job responsibility assigned with Software developer is much wider that assigned with a programmer.

  • Programmer develops code under the guidance of the project leader or the software developer where as Software developer work in all stages of program development.
  • The Software Developer has to deal with all actions from the initial design up to the final testing of software where as the Programmer works in developing source code.
  • Programmer is an entry-level job position where as the job position of Software developer requires much experience and expertise in the area.

The compensation packages offered for Software Developer is lucrative when compared to that of the software programmer.



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