DOEACC C Level Course-Wireless and Mobile Networks Papers


“Wireless and mobile networks” is an elective subject with the code CE2 under the ‘C’ level course of DOEACC society. There are a total of 14 compulsory subjects and out of 8 electives one has to choose 4subjects.


CE 2 is a 120 hour duration course with 60 hours of theory classes and the rest 60 for practical. There is even a project work associated with the subject. The topics are as mentioned: Mobile Radio Propagation; Cellular Concept; Wireless access Techniques; Channel Allocation Technologies; Mobile Systems and Standards; Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN); TCP over Wireless and IPv6; Wireless in Local Loop Satellite Systems; Ultra Wideband Technology (UWB); Multimedia Services Requirements.

Recommended books:

Wireless networks books written by Dharma Prakash Agrawal & Qing-An-Zeng, Theodore S. Kaveh Pahlavan and Prashant krishnamurty, Rappaport are recommended for this subject of ‘C’ level.

Time Duration:

The candidate is given 3 hours to complete the 100 marks paper.

Division of the paper:

There are 7 questions in the paper. Question 1 is compulsory and any 4 from the remaining 6 question is to be answered. Question is theory based and it tests the knowledge and understanding ability of the candidate. All parts of the questions are to be answered together and that too in the same sequence.

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