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Department of Electronics Accreditation for Computer Courses (DOEACC) is one of the popular institutions for pursuing various courses related to computers. DOEACC offers various courses like A, B and O levels. Under its B level course, many students study E-business. At the end of the term, they have to take the exam for the subject. This is one of the most important subjects because of the increasing number of businesses that is going online. It is necessary that the students learn this in order to understand various aspects related to E-business.

About the subject and paper pattern

The subject is all about doing business through electronic media such as computers. The subject focuses on the advantages of disadvantages of the system, various technologies that are used for doing e-business, E-auctions, security issues associated with e-business and ways to prevent them et cetera. The paper consists of seven questions. The paper is totally descriptive and there are no objective questions in the paper. Question 1 is compulsory and has to be answered. From questions 2 to 7, the candidates have to select any four questions to answer. The paper consists of both short answer type questions and long answer type questions. Examples are of prime importance and so are definitions.

Marking scheme and duration of paper

The paper is marked out of 100. Question 1 contributes 28 marks. All the other questions carry 18 marks. Marks will be penalized if the sub questions of a main question are not answered together. The duration of the paper is three hours. The candidates need to finish the paper in the allotted time. Fifteen minutes will be allotted for reading the paper. When preparing for the exam, it is best that the candidates refer to previous year question papers.

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