DOEACC B Level Networking and Mobile Communications Papers


DOEACC is one of the growing computer training institutes of India. And has a very good role in Indian education system. Networking and Mobile Communication is a very important subject for the 3rd sem. The question paper is such designed to cover the whole syllabus. So we cannot risk the selective study. But knowing the question paper pattern serves a good help for the preparation of the examination. So that we can know which parts of the syllabus has good weight age.

The sections in this paper

This paper actually does not contain any sections; rather all questions are arranged serially.

Pattern and number of questions

As there is no sectional division in this paper all questions are arranged serially. There are a total of seven questions in this paper of which we need to attempt 5 questions. The first questions is a must answer question which is further subdivided into seven into seven questions. These are short answer type questions. From the remaining 6 questions we need to attempt only 4. These four questions have subdivisions. Usually there are 3 questions in each of the 6 questions. There is no internal choice in this paper but overall choice is present.

Marks distribution

The total marks for this paper is 100. The first compulsory question carries 28 marks and in this each of the seven questions carries 4 marks. The remaining 6 questions carry 18 marks each. But the marks division for the internal question is not equal.

Time allotted to complete the paper

The students need to complete the paper in 3hours.

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