DOEACC C Level Software Quality Management Papers


DOEACC Society with its head quarters in New Delhi was established with the main aim of developing quality manpower in the field of IT. It imparts the courses in many levels- O level, C level, A level are some of them. The Software Quality Management Paper is a part of the C level course.

Division of Paper

There are seven questions in total each having sub parts. The 100 mark paper can be thought to be divided into a compulsory part- the first question of 28 marks, and an optional part of 72 marks with a total of 6 questions of which only 4 are to be answered. The last six questions are of 18 marks each.

Marking Scheme and Paper Pattern

The first question consists of 7 sub questions each carrying four marks, while the sub parts of other questions do not necessarily hold the same marks, even though the whole question as a whole will carry 18 marks. A restriction is imposed in the way questions are supposed to be answered in the sense that all the parts are to be answered together and in the same sequence as given in the question paper.

Time Duration
The time duration for completing this paper is 3 hours.
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