Fee structure of Master of Tourism Administration


Tourism in India is blooming very rapidly in India. It helps the country in drawing foreign money towards itself. Tourism gives employment and earning to a lot of people of the tourist location. Therefore, special measures should be taken in order to manage and maintain the tourism industries. That is the reason why so many courses related to tourism are offered all over the country. These courses are very much beneficial and help the industries in recruiting those who have knowledge of the subject. This measure works towards the development of the tourism industry.

Under the course of Master of tourism administration, one taught the art of administrating the tour of a particular location. It helps one is learning about the methods in which one can manage a trip of the client in the way they want. The course also tells the students about the basic requirements of a tour and trip.

This is the prime reason why the trip is so much beneficial and in demand. There are plenty of job options after one successfully completes this course. That is why the course is the option of many students all over the country. A huge number of institutes offer this course to the aspiring candidates.

Master of tourism administration is a popular course all over the country. The fee of this course is in between 25000 per semester to 40000 per semester. There are plenty of famous and popular colleges in India that offers this course. Few renowned names are as follows Christ College, Christ University, Bangalore University, Himachal Pradesh University, Delhi University and many more. The fee at Christ College is approximately 25000 to 30000 per semester for Indian Students. The fee of Christ University is 75000 per year for this course.

Few colleges offering this course does offers relaxation in fees to the poor students who are exceptionally well in their academics.



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    i want to do master in tourism and i have scored 123 in cmat will i get asmission or not

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    I want to stad a mastar’s of tourism in India I’m Rwandan so help me to find the school and any other information regardin the issue

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    Basant Pun:

    straightly to the question,i am bit puzzled in choosing the good university for master degree in tourism administration as well as favourable state in india, so plz do help me to get through it.
    thanking you and waiting for your sooner response with the best suggestions.