Fees structure for M.Tech in NIT’s


Fees structure for M.Tech course may vary slightly with each National Institute of Technology (NIT) campus that offers the course. Total fee for the course in NIT, Tiruchirappalli is Rs.21, 850/- per semester and that in NIT, Hamirpur is Rs. 24,500/-   per semester. Detailed fee structure in NIT Tiruchirappalli and Hamirpur is briefed in the article below.

Fee structure for M.Tech in NIT, Tiruchirappalli

  • Tuition Fees: Rs.17, 500/- per semester
  • Computer Fees: Rs.1, 000/- per semester
  • Internet Charges: Rs.300/- per semester
  • Library Fees: Rs.1, 000/- per semester
  • Examination Fee: Rs.350/- per semester
  • Registration and Enrollment fee: Rs. 200/- per semester
  • Association and cultural fee: Rs.1, 000/- per semester
  • Student Aid fee: Rs.200/- per semester
  • Sports Center: Rs.100/- per semester
  • Medical and Insurance fee: Rs.200/- per semester
  • Total Fee: Rs.21, 850/- per semester

Fee structure for the course in first semester is different from that of other semesters. In first semester, candidate must pay some additional fee as follows.

  • Admission Fees: Rs. 200/-
  • Grade Card: Rs. 150/-
  • Medical Examination Fee: Rs. 100/-
  • Alumni Life Membership: Rs. 500/-
  • Institute Deposit (Refundable): Rs. 3,000/-
  • Library Deposit (Refundable): Rs. 500/-
  • Total: Rs. 4,450/-

The total fee for first semester: Rs. 26,300/-

Other than the fee mentioned above, those who are joining the course through CCMT (Centralized Counseling for M. Tech /M. Plan Admissions) should pay Rs. 16, 300/- along with first semester fees. Candidates opting for spot admission are exempted from this fees.

Hostel residents must pay Rs. 15,300/-per semester as hostel and mess fees. Such candidates must pay additional fee of Rs. 2,200/- (at the time of admission) as hostel deposit and hostel admission fees.

Fee structure for M.Tech in NIT, Hamirpur

Semester-wise fees

  • First Semester: 35250/-and 34050/-
  • 2nd, 4th, 6th Semester: Rs. 24500/-
  • 3rd and 5th Semester: Rs. 29400/- (Rs. 24500/- + Rs. 4900/-)

Detailed Fee Structure for M.Tech in NIT, Hamirpur

  • Tuition Fee: Rs. 17500/- per semester
  • Examination Fee: Rs. 500/- per semester
  • Student Welfare Fund: Rs. 100/- per semester
  • Sports Fee: Rs. 250/- per semester
  • Cultural Activity Fund: Rs. 150/- per semester
  • Common facility fund: Rs. 200/- per semester
  • Internet charges: Rs. 1500/- per semester
  • Training and Placement: Rs. 150/- per semester
  • Medical Fee: Rs. 150/- per semester
  • Institute Development fee: Rs. 4000/- per semester
  • Total =    24500/- per semester.

Fee Structure for first semester

One Time Fees (applicable to first semester only)

  • Admission Fee: Rs. 500/-
  • Institute Security: Rs.1000/-
  • Library Security: Rs. 2000/-
  • Hostel Caution Money: Rs. 1000/-
  • Identity card: Rs. 50/-
  • Provisional certificate Fee: Rs. 100/-
  • Alumni Fund: Rs. 500/-
  • Engineering Society Membership Fund: Rs. 200/-
  • Convocation Fee: Rs. 500/-
  • Total = Rs.5850/-

Yearly Fees

  • Technical Festival Fee: Rs. 100/- per year
  • Library Registration and service Fee Rs. 100/- per year
  • Book replacement Fund:  Rs. 500/- per year
  • Magazine Subscription: Rs. 100/- per year
  • Seminar/conference fund: Rs. 500/ - per year
  • Room Rent: Rs. 3600/- and 2400/-   per year
  • Total = Rs. 4900/- and Rs. 3700/-

Room rent is Rs. 3600/- per year. This along with other yearly fees, amounting to Rs. 4900/- must be paid along with 3rd and 5th semester fees. Rs. 2400/- (included in room rent) is charged for hostel admission and hostel deposit. It is a one time fee that must be paid along with first semester fees.



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