16th February 2015, 12:01 PM
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How can I manage school studies with coaching class?

hello... m a student of class 11th,cbse school. i am taking coachings in Aakash institute,pune.
i have difficulty for the tym for my self study. i come home at 2:30 nd have classes from 4.. and i come home at 8:30. i dont get tym for my 11th study as well as my coaching.i hardly understand anything at school,so sometyms i prefer not to go to school.but during school exams, i find it difficult to study for both my xam as well as for tution. how should i study/ make schedule so dat i get enuogh tym for both my 11th xams nd preparation for iit .

20th February 2015, 12:46 AM
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Default Re: How can I manage school studies with coaching class?

Here are some basic tips for the preparation of IIT-JEE exam along with continuing with school studies:

Choosing of proper study material.

Studying a number of books for the preparation of IIT-JEE is not the exact way of preparing.

Often people have a misconception that referring many books at a time proves to be helpful, but in actual if the preparation is made by selecting fewer but right books for preparation proves to be helpful for aspirants.

Students should choose books that cover entire IIT-JEE 2015 and as per 2015 IIT-JEE pattern.

Prepare a proper Time Table.

You should prepare a proper time table for your studies and allocate your time accordingly to your weakness and strengths regarding subjects.

A proper time table can prove to be very effective for you to score well in your exam.

Solve previous year papers.

Solving previous year papers is the most important if you want to score well in IIT-JEE 2015.

You can solve sample papers for JEE Mains 2015, it will provide you an insight idea of the pattern, marking type and time duration. Solve as much as Mock papers as you can as solving these papers will give you an idea about the actual entrance exam.

Some relatively important topics subject wise are as follows.

Physics: Newtons Law of Motion, Work Energy Power, Conservation Laws, Rotation Motions, Electrostatics, EMI, Heat and Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics and Radio Activity, Semi conductor.

Chemistry: Redox Reactions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, GOC, P Block Elements.

Maths: Conic Section, P&C, Probability, Quadratic Equation, Definite Integration, Differential Equation, Vector an 3D, Complex Number.

Stay Healthy and mentally fit.

On top of all never forget to keep up well with your health as it is the basis of all necessities.

There is an old saying "Health is Wealth" which is very true. So keep yourself mentally and physically fit all the while.

Try to take some time out for yourself apart from studies and feel relaxed, do things that keeps your mind and body relaxed.

Quick Tips for IIT-JEE 2015 Preparations:

1. Prepare a list of important formulae in each chapter.

2. Note the tips for quick solutions of problems.

3. Make daily or weekly targets and note it down and act accordingly.

4. Revise the syllabus as per study plan.

5. Make time table and distributive time and hence aim to achieve it.

6. Solve previous year questions.

7. Have proper sleep and proper diet.
15th April 2015, 10:45 PM
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Default Re: How can I manage school studies with coaching class?

The time management is very necessary to get the benefit from your coaching as well as your school education. My suggestion to you is that you have to sacrifice some of your personal interest. You have to work hard for long time. My suggestion to you is that you should revise your coaching syllabus on daily basis and attend all the school classes daily. Try to co-relate both the syllabus. I means to say is that you can practice a test form the coaching institute on the same topic that you have studied in your school. This wil definitely helps you.
18th May 2015, 11:56 PM
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Default Re: How can I manage school studies with coaching class?

We do understand this,in todays competitive world we need lots of practice and patience.
As you had said that you are going to aakash institute one of the known insititute like T.I.M.E.
See i am not saying to miss the class,attend both school and coaching classes.
School makes you to have basics and concept whereas coaching class helps you in compititive exam.
Both makes you to prepare for upcoming exams.
Coaching clases would be used after 12 th class or final stages of 12 th. But 9th class standard,if you miss you are not able to follow it again. Coaching like aakash institute and T.I.M.E classes will conduct doubt session so that if in case the student had not understood the particular topic or had missed it.can get clarification during this session
Tty not to miss class.ok
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