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How to prepare Mathematics of class 12th CBSE Board?

Please give some tips to crack the mathematics ncert and get fully controlled on calculus.......how to prepare mathematics of class 12 for cbse board

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Default Re: How to prepare Mathematics of class 12th CBSE Board?

Maths is a subject in which you need practice and without practice you won't become good in Maths. So practice solving questions daily and if you need help then you must take coaching classes too as teachers make a big difference in subjects like Maths.

You also must have good books for Mathematics with you so that you can understand the basics of each and every topic of Maths. Basics need to be very good if you want to become good in Maths as you have to apply all those fundamental rules while solving the questions. If there is any small fundamental mistake then everything is wrong in Maths. So give importance to basics in Maths.

Some of the best books for studying Maths are listed below for 12th board exams.

1. R.D. Sharma Maths XI & XII
2. S. L. Loney Trigonometry
3. S. L. Loney Co-ordinate Geometry
4. Hall Knight Higher Algebra
5. I.A. Maron Problems in Calculus of One Variable
6. Arihant Algebra
7. Arihant Differential Calculus
8. Arihant Integral Calculus
9. Shanti Narayan Vector
10. W. Feller Introduction Probability & Its Applications

Hence study for your 12th board exams and practice Maths as much as possible.

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22nd August 2014, 08:09 AM
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Default Re: How to prepare Mathematics of class 12th CBSE Board?

Dear if you want to get good proficiency in mathematics of class 12th under NCERT then you should know that maths is the subject which makes many students nervous in case of scoring good marks but some of the students scores more than 95 marks out of 100 in mathematics so first of all you should keep in touch with those friends who are really good at mathematics because cooperation is mandatory so ask for help and they will definitely sort out your all issues and tell them that you want to learn it from the bottom to top.

Secondly you should contact to your teacher of mathematics and mention your problem that you are facing problem in some topics of mathematics and write all your issues and show to the teacher so after class they may help you and learn some good short tricks and new methods to solve various questions of mathematics.

Join any good coaching institute that provides best result in mathematics in your arena because your learning will be double in which once is in school and once is in coaching center so you will remind the same thing again and again then you will have to practice a lot in case of completing your homework and practice will make your perfect in maths so try to give at least 3 hours everyday only to the practice then you will find yourself in no trouble of mathematics.

Get some books issued from the library and prefer reference books so those books will help you in gaining more knowledge about mathematics and if you get any problem while practice then you can refer to the reference books so this might be the better way to learn more about mathematics.

Thank you
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Default Re: How to prepare Mathematics of class 12th CBSE Board?

Some tips to prepare Mathematics of class 12th CBSE Board:-

- Calculus is the most important section. So practice a lot. This section can be overpowered only with practice.
- Pay adequate attention to other sections as well.
- Start with RD Sharma in the beginning. Finish it off within October-November especially the calculus section.
- Then go for RS Agarwal for a good revision of all topics. Complete it by December- January(Mid).
- Lastly before the exams, 1 month or so, practice only from the NCERT book. Do not leave any question.
- You will definitely get good marks.
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31st March 2015, 04:47 PM
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Default Re: How to prepare Mathematics of class 12th CBSE Board?

Mathematics is the very interesting subject in higher secondary education and is the base of further mathematics,so my suggestion to you is that you simply have to study mathematics with great interest.

The best way of getting command in mathematics is practice.You will make yourself good in mathematics only when you practice a lot.Without practice you can not score good marks in mathematics like subject.

Important portion of the mathematics includes Calculus,trigonometry and algebra.

So start giving time to mathematics by choosing a particular topic.I am sure you will score good marks if you practice 2 hours daily.

Thank you.
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