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Which country is preferable to study MBBS among China and Ukraine?

I just want to know the pros and cons of Bds because I have heard there is very less scope to flourish as dentist in India.
Same goes with medicine. Which one should I chose Chinese mbbs or ukranian mbbs- I know I have to sit for licensing MCI examination in India after completing course. I just want to know the quality of medical education in China and Ukraine.

9th December 2014, 02:11 PM
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Default Re: Which country is preferable to study MBBS among China and Ukraine?

Pros and Cons of BDS


1. Good Income - This career no doubt allows a good income, there is potential to earn good income, but yes, it always comes with a price, it comes along with extreme responsibility. You will have to work your Booty off to earn.

2. Autonomy - Be your own boss, make your own decision, no need to answer anyone, but risk is all yours.

3. Respect - Dentist of course are highly trusted and erspected.

4. Variety - It's always challenging and interesting, no two days are the same.

5. Excitement - There's never a dull moment like some office work, be it any type of patient, there is always a sense of excitement. you won't even know and the day will fly by.

6. Great hours - You can always maintain a good timing with this career, it allows you to have a balanced lifestyle. It is also a great career for woman willing to have a family.

7. Creativity - There is a lot of creativity in this job. It is an art. Many a times you have to use your creativity to solve problems.


1. Education - It takes many years of education. It will take upto 8 years (including 4 years of college) but its well worth if you enjoy the outcome.

2. Costs - Dental school is expensive, really expensive but dont let it deter you though - your income will help you to pay it immediately.

3. High Responsibility - Mind it that you are in charge of someone's health. Things may go wrong sometimes which they do- even when you do everything properly, the responsibility is yours.

4. Stress - With great income also comes greater stress. Not only you have the customer's health in your hand but also never forget that it is a customer service industry. Once customers are not happy with your work, it becomes really hard to convince them again.

5. The Yuck Factor - You might have to deal with bad breadth, stinky people and really gross mouths. When you are used to it, things go well but to get well acquainted with it, needs time.

Regarding the selection between China and Ukraine for MBBS

Look, there is no basic difference in the education system in both places.

Both the places provide good quality education provided by trained and experienced faculties.

The cost for MBBS is almost the same in both the countries.
China - 30000-40000 USD
Ukraine - 30000-50000 USD
Both are for 6 years. 5 years for the course an d 1 year of Internship.

It totally depends upon your own choice as to which country you would prefer studying in.
10th December 2014, 10:12 AM
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Default Re: Which country is preferable to study MBBS among China and Ukraine?

Both China and Ukraine are good places to pursue MBBS. However, China will be a better option than Ukraine. This is because :-

- China has good set of institutes which provides MBBS degree at low cost.
- The living cost is less in China than in Ukraine.
- Number of institutions recognized by MCI is more in China.
- It is close to India.
- There are many internal problems going on in Ukraine due to threats from Russia, so China will be a safer place.
Do you have any question? or have anything to say?

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