Future of fire fighting course in India


The course of fire fighting has been introduced for a very long time, but the actual boom in the course has been observed in the last few years. The course is taught in some of the most renowned private as well as government Institutes. The candidates who under take this course are placed in different organizations that are mostly government based. The future of the course seems to be a right path, as it is beneficiary to the society as well as the general people.

Future of the course:

The candidates who have earned a degree in this course are placed in organizations such as the one that investigate the fire scene to locate the source of the fire, while others are placed in organization that deal in manufacturing of material that help in extinguishing as well as method of fighting the fire. The candidates in some cases also find foreign placement that are additional boon to the over all look out of the course. Thus, after a long time, the course has experienced such vital changes and these changes are indicating the evolving nature of the course in the present times.


In India, the course has a stable future and thereby is becoming one of the demanding courses amongst the candidates. Also there are several institutes that are planning to include this course within their list of offered courses which will, in the end be even more beneficiary to the course. Thus, we find ample scenario where the future of the course seems to be bright and stable at the same time.



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    please send the all type of fire fighting methods

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    ajay shukla:

    i want to join fier fighting As well as i want to give its enterance exam.