Difference between Fire Protection Engineers and Electric Power Engineers


Fire protection engineer with the application of science and technological principles helps to protect people from the dangerous effects of fire. They are also known as Fire Engineer or Fire Safety Engineer. Electrical Power Engineering deals with the various aspects of electricity. Electrical Power Engineers basically deals with the application of science and technology in the production, transportation and distribution process of electricity. The major differences between Fire Protection Engineer and Electric Power Engineers are explained in detail in this article.

Courses and Career Opportunities of Fire Protection Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering has a lot of scope and career opportunities. Many international universities and institutes offer B Tech and M.Tech programs in Fire and Safety Engineering. A Bachelors’ degree in the respective subject is enough for the entry-level career in this sector. Those who have the passion to work as lecturer should possess an M.Tech degree. To become professors in universities the aspirant has to undertake research in the concerned subject. With relevant experience, an aspirant can get into hi-profiled jobs in the area of fire and safety in reputed organizations.

Courses and Career Opportunities of Electric Power Engineering

The career options as well as the courses offered in the area of electric power engineering are very high nowadays. A large number of engineering and technical institutes in India, as well as institutes abroad are now offering courses in this field.  This includes diploma, graduate as well as postgraduate programs. After successful completion of XII from a recognized university, aspirants can have graduate programs in Electric Power Engineering. For PG courses, completion of graduation from a recognized university is essential. These course provide wide range of career opportunities in the field of fire and safety, government organizations, municipal corporations etc

Key differentiators between Fire Protection Engineers and Electric Power Engineers

  • Fire Protection Engineers deals with the application of technology for human protection from the harmful effects of fire where as Electric Power Engineers deals with the generation and distribution of Electric Power.
  • The career options of Fire Protection Engineers is in the area of safety whereas Electric Power Engineers deals with energy needs of humans

Although, Fire Protection Engineering and Electric Power Engineering are related areas, career, scope, techniques used, application etc vary to a greater extent.



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