GATE Agricultural Engineering Papers


The GATE Agricultural Engineering Papers carries 100 marks. The time duration of the same is three hours. All the questions will be asked form the syllabus itself. There are a total of 60 questions to be answered for 100 marks.

Question 1 to question 20 carries a single mark while question 21 to 60 carry 2 marks each. There is space for rough work at the end of the question paper itself. There is negative marking on the paper. So as to dissuade the students from blindly guessing on the paper; with every incorrect answer in the fort 20 questions the candidate loses half a mark, and with every incorrect answer from question nos. 21 to 60, the candidate loses two thirds of the marks.

All the answers have to be darkened on the ORS or the Optical response Sheet only. There is only one correct answer and therefore make sure to mark only one. In case you mark more than one, the whole question gets disqualified. There are zero marks for unanswered questions. In case you wish to change your answer, make sure to erase the previous answer properly before darkening the new one.

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    plz give me the reference book name for preparation of GATE AG ENGG.

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    what type of question asked in gate exam