GMAT Exam Pattern


The Graduate Management Admission Test is an exam carried out for helping business schools assesses the qualification of their applicants. Students who pass this exam can go for higher studies in business and management. This test is also used as one of the analyzers of scholastic performance in a Masters in Business Administration program or any other graduate level management programs.

Students who are appearing for the GMAT exam needs:

  • Verbal Skills
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Analytical Writing Skills

This exam is a Computer Adaptive Test. It is conducted by the Educational Testing Services (ETS).  The exam has a time period of 3.5 hours. The score of this exam is valid up to 5 years.

Syllabus for GMAT Exam

The Graduate Management Admission Test comprises of three main parts. They are:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Quantitative section
  • Verbal section

Analytical Writing Assessment: This section comprises of two short essays.  In the first essay, the students will be given an issue to analyze. They will have to write their views on it with justification. The second essay is to analyze an Argument. In this part, the given issue should be critically evaluated and analyzed. The students must keep in their mind that, importance is given to the analyzing part and not the writing part.

Quantitative Section: The questions of this section will belong to any of the two categories - Data Sufficiency (DS) and Problem Solving (PS). The difficulty level of this exam is comparable to that of standard 10.

Verbal Section: This section examines the fundamental English skills of the candidates together with analysis and reasoning.

Question Pattern of MAT Exam

It is important for the students to have a good idea about the exam they are going to appear. Understanding the basic pattern of the exam will help the students in their preparation.

The GMAT exam pattern is:

  • Writing Section - Analysis of Issue Essay - 30 Minutes
  • Writing Section - Analysis of Argument Essay - 30 Minutes
  • Math Section - 37 Questions - 75 Minutes
  • Verbal Section - 41 Questions - 75 Minutes

GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment:

The GMAT exam starts with the Analytical Writing Assessment. Students will be given 30 minutes to write two essays.

GMAT Quantitative Section:

After a 10 minutes break, the Quantitative section of the GMAT exam will begin. There will be 37 questions with several choices for questions from Problem Solving as well as Data Sufficiency. Students must finish writing within 75 minutes.

Verbal Section:

Subsequent to this, students will again have a second but not obligatory 10 minute break. Then the verbal section of the GMAT will begin. 41 questions will multiple choices will be asked on 2 question types - Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction. Students ought to finish the entire section within 75 minutes.

Students who clear this exam with high scores will get admittance into prestigious B-schools in India and abroad.



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    I want to get admission in Cambridge university for persuing MBA. how can i get there?

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    i want to get admission in Cambridge university for persuing MBA. how can i get there?

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