Government Jobs in Retail Management in India


In the present age of Entertainment, Communication and Information shopping has become a hobby for the people. With time, the entire concept of shopping has changed in respect to purchasing behavior of consumers. Thanks to the huge complexes, retails stores, multi formats of shopping malls that has emerged at an ever-increasing speed in the global economy thereby making retailing as one of the fastest growing sectors.

This industry has contributed a huge share to the growth of economy of many nations and the term retail has been derived from the French term retailer, which means ‘to break bulk’ or ‘to cut a piece off’. Retailing is an important part of business industry that involves selling service and products to consumers for their family and individual use. It can also be defined as the timely delivery of demanded goods to consumers at a competitive and affordable cost. It is a people-oriented and vertical business industry and the business is booming in the 80’s and within a short span of time, the retail sector in India has been rated as the fifth most emerging and attractive retail market in the world. The sector accounts to 10% of the Gross Domestic Product of the nation and around eight percentage of employment and in the next five years employment in this sector is expected to grow.

Retail Management:

In the retailing sector, retail management is highly essential since effective management can enable the business to grow. There are options for taking up a diploma or degree in retail management for candidates, who are interested in taking retail management as a career. Different institutions offer courses like Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management and MBA in retail management. Candidates with higher secondary qualification or graduation or its equivalent can go for UG, diploma and certificate course in Retail Management and candidates with graduation in any discipline can go for MBA in retail management course.

Courses in Retail Management in India:

Some of the retail management courses offered in India are:

Post Graduate Programme in Fashion Retail Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Retail Management

Post Graduate Certificate course in Retail Management

Bachelor of Fashion Retail Management

Master of Business Administration in Retail Management

Master of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management

Retail Management institutes in India:

Retail Management courses are offered by many institutes in India, for instance, Indira Gandhi National Open University offers Diploma/Certificate course in retailing in collaboration with the Retail’s Association of India and many institutes offer industrial training to the students during the course period with stipends. One of the popular government-run institution for retail management course is Centre for Retail, Footwear, Design and Development Institute of Government of India.

Government jobs in Retail Management in India:

Even though, retail management is something concerned with the private sector, even government jobs can be found in this field and for instance, candidates with higher qualification can find job position as lecturer in government-run retail management institutions like Centre for Retail, Footwear, Design and Development Institute of Government of India.



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