Government jobs in Retailing sector in India


In India, career opportunities in retail sector seems to be very bright and factors like improved purchasing power, awareness levels and disposable income has led to development of job prospect and the development of the whole sector as well. Retailing can be defined as the sale of goods or commodities in small quantities directly to clients and retail sector in India the eighth biggest in the world and it is also one among the biggest industries in India.

Government jobs in retail sector:

Even though, retail sector seems to be solely dominated by private companies, government companies in the food processing industry play a crucial role in the retailing sector in the way of selling cookery items like sugar, dhal, wheat, etc… directly to the people at cheap prices through Public Distribution Systems. Therefore, when it comes to government jobs in retailing sector, candidates can find employment opportunities in government-run ration shops that are being operating under different state governments in the nation.

As mentioned earlier, retail sector is poised to offer more and more job opportunities and the best thing here is that most of the job vacancies will be in rural parts of the nation. This is because not only government organization, but also private organizations wish to open their retail outlets only in villages as compared to cities since demand and consumption will be more in these areas.

Different areas of job opportunities in retail sector:

The retail sector includes several other sub-categories like:

Food and grocery retail

Apparel retail

Gems & jewelry retail

Pharmaceutical retail

Music retail

Book retail

Consumer durable retail

Therefore, there are many private organizations under the aforesaid categories of retailing thereby offering a wide range of job opportunities particularly in the sales and marketing side.

Educational qualification:

Candidates with graduation in any field of education can find placement opportunities in the retailing industry. Particularly candidates with courses in marketing and advertising can easily find employment opportunities since companies look for candidates with marketing skills to bring in more profit by generating more sales.

According to a recent study, it has been found that more than 1,00,000 job opportunities are going to be created in the retailing sector in the coming years thereby offering better job prospects to the fresh entrants of job market. Above will several policies, introduced by the government of India for encouraging development in the retailing industry, it is expected to bring about more GDP to the nation.



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    I just want to ask that I have an experience of 6 yrs in a retail company so is there any vacany for me in any govt retail sector

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    ashiwni avhad:

    I just want to ask what are the job openings for government retail jobs?