Government jobs in Sculpture in India


Human beings have so far used and they are presently using various mediums for communication for expressing their thoughts, imaginations and internal feelings. For the same they had used figurative manuscripts, motifs, symbols and drawings in ancient period. In the stone age, they used stone for hunting and later stones were used by them for expression of imaginations and institutions. The cultural development of a particular period can be explained with the terracotta of different civilizations. Of the different ways of presentation of art, sculpture is a three-dimensional medium.

From the art of sculpture, a good combination of cultural activities, traditions, religious trusts and folk acceptance can be seen. Some of be important mediums of making a sculpture are terracotta, metal, wood and stone. People use a sculpture or a figure for identifications, memory, fear, decoration, worship and expression. The oldest Indian literatures have focused on the importance and use of sculpture in detail.

Types of sculpture:

Sculpture is classified into different types based on medium or material, shape, stability and method of making the sculpture. When creating a sculpture different methods like modeling, moulding, casting, carving, etc… are used.

Institutions offering courses on sculpturing in India:

Normally sculpture course is offered as Bachelor of Fine Arts with specialization in sculpturing. Some of the popular institutions offering sculpture related courses in India are:

Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai

College of Arts, Patna

College of Arts, Chennai

College of Arts, New Delhi

Rajasthan University

MG Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya

Indira Kala Sangit University

Kala Bhawan, Vishwa Bharti

MS University, Baroda

Banaras Hindu University

College of Arts & Culture, Lucknow

Utkal University of Culture, Orissa

Opportunities in the field of sculpture:

Even though, sculpturing is popularly known as a self-employment based area, where in professionals can employ other people too, there are also job opportunities in government and private sector. These professionals can take up teaching as their career in the following positions:

TGT – for central-government schools like Kendriya Vidyalayas

PGT – For higher secondary schools in government and private sector

Teacher in Higher Education – arts colleges and universities

In addition to teaching, they can also take up other positions like

Modeler – For government and national museums, cultural conservation centers, etc…

Private Sector – In plastic glass and other industries as designer and modeler

Skills required for shining in the field of sculpturing:

Creativity is the main skill required for shining in the field of sculpturing and professionals in this field will have to develop qualities like:

Marketing ideas


Sculpturing experience

Expressive skills in sculpturing


Recent government job opportunities for professionals in the field of sculpturing:

Lecturer (Sculpture) – Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan

Like this many government-run colleges and universities, frequently call for professionals with PG degree or Ph. D in Fine Arts with sculpturing for the positions of junior and senior faculty members in sculpture.  These professionals will have to offer coaching to the students in area like drawing & painting, clay modeling, sculpture, etc…



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    sir, since Schuling i had keen interest towards fine arts. Due to my creative skills i was also awarded the best student in drawing and painting in matriculation,But later i took up as subject at graduation instead of fine arts.i am a fresher and completed my graduation this year itself.As due to my creative abilities i find that i can excel in this field,therefore,want to do a job in this field,so what is the scope for me?kindly explain with details of job?