Maharashtra Board H.S.C Commerce Book Keeping and Accountancy Papers


The class twelve board leads to the foundation of the career of a student since the result decides in which college the students gets admission and correspondingly his/her future is being made. The H.S.C commerce book keeping and accountancy paper checks the knowledge of accountancy of a commerce student and it is very necessary for a commerce student to score marks in this since it is the base subject for a commerce student.

Overview of the Paper

The Book Keeping and Accountancy paper has ample amount of options for the objective part. There are six questions each of 5 marks out of which a student needs to attempt only four. In the subjective part there are some internal options given.

Pattern of the paper:

The test is 100 marks for which three hours is provided. There are 20 objective type questions and the rest is composed of lengthy sums. The paper has very less amount of theory questions instead have full length sums which makes the paper highly scoring. There are 5 long questions each of 16 marks and a student needs to attempt all five, it is to be noted that some questions may have internal options.

What should be the approach?

Students should focus more on the sums during their exam preparation because it is the sums which carry most of the marks and at the same time in these sums there is more chance of getting full marks. They must grab the basics of every problems very clearly.

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    respected sir
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