How to prepare for Management Aptitude Test?


The Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is carried out by the All India Management Association. This exam is performed for the admission of students into the top B- Schools in our country. Those students who have finished their graduation in the fields of Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Architecture and Science can apply for this exam. Students of medicine can apply for the MAT too.

Structure of the MAT entrance exam

The paper of the MAT will include 200 questions. They will be of the objective type and are divided into 5 categories. They include:

  • Data analysis and sufficiency
  • English comprehension and understanding
  • Reasoning and logic
  • General Knowledge
  • Maths and Quantitative aptitude

The students will have an opportunity to choose their answer from the given set. This exam has a time period of 150 minutes.

Syllabus of the MAT entrance exam

The quantitative aptitude section will comprise of questions on basic mathematics. If they have a good understanding about this subject, they will be able to solve these problems effortlessly. The candidates can also refer to the mathematics textbooks of class 10+1 and 10+2. It is also possible for them to obtain study material from other coaching institutes. By conferring with other students of friends, the candidates can also learn short cuts and tips to learn formulae.

The Data analysis & sufficiency section will include data interpretation – finding of percentage, explanation and value distribution of graphs and charts etc. Questions on reasoning and logic will be from GRE books of the preceding years. As for the reasoning section, the students can refer question papers of the earlier years of other MBA entrance exams.  The candidates are recommended to practice on puzzles, quizzes, memory games and all other things that will help them jog their memory.

The English section will include questions of the comprehensive type. The questions may be direct or indirect. Because of this, the candidates should be well prepared as to face questions of any nature.

Reference Books for MAT entrance exam

  • Chapter Wise Solutions of MAT Entrance Examination by Oswaal Books
  • 501 Word Analogy Questions by Barron
  • Master the MAT by Kaplan
  • R. S. Aggarwal – Maths XI & XII
  • MAT Secrets by the Princeton Review
  • Derivations of Applied Mathematics by Thaddeus H
  • Introduction to Probability, 2nd Rev Edition by Charles M. Grinstead and J. Laurie Snell
  • Mat Solved Papers by Disha Publication

Study Plan for the MAT entrance exam

If you start your preparation early, you will get the better result. The candidate should read newspapers and magazines and this improves their English vocabulary. Furthermore, watch English News channels and see how a word can be used in various ways. For the other sections it is important that the candidates practice as many problems. But it is also important that they don’t repeat the mistakes time and again. Once they identify a mistake they must certainly ensure that they understand the concept thoroughly. In addition to this, the candidates must prepare a timetable as to help the, allocate their time to their convenience. The one thing they must bear in mind at all times is not to spend time studying too much. If they do so, they wont be able to complete their studies in the given time period because of fatigue. A break now and then will do them a lot of good.



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    how to prepare for mat 2011 plzzz describe section wise..which book i refer to improve my quant,and as well as data analysis,reading comprehension,general knowledge,reasng and logic…….