Jobs after M.A in English Literature


M.A English Literature students have many career options. This includes teaching, publication, politics, PR, advertising, administration etc. There are also other professions which require critical thinking, interpersonal skills and revelation to a broad range of subjects. In addition to this, if you consider yourself as a bookworm who likes to hideaway into technology then there are many industries which give opportunity to employees with remarkable writing skills and cultural knowledge. These qualities are important not only for editing or intensive writing, but also for everyday jobs which include new media scripting and website production etc.

Private Sector Jobs after M.A in English Literature

As an MA graduate in English Literature, a student must have acquired comprehensive knowledge and relative understanding of the specialist field of learning.

  • A candidate with MA in English Literature can enter into the research field by applying for a Ph.D program.
  • With the newly gained linguistic and analytical skills student can pursue a career in publishing, communications etc.
  • MA graduates in English Literature can also find jobs in a translation agency. Some of the post includes copywriter, editor or even as a proof-reader.
  • MA graduate in English Literature often also come across employment opportunities in various business services also.
  • Education sector is another major recruiter of MA graduate in English Literature. Here they can enter in to the positions like teachers or lecturers.
  • Another option in front of an MA graduate in English Literature is to take up a career in journalism.

Government Sector Jobs after M.A in English Literature

There are many job opportunities available for MA graduates in English Literature in the government sector. There are numerous sectors which recruits MA English graduates. Students can try out for Civil Service jobs by appearing in the UPSC civil service exams. There are also jobs available in various government agencies as Decoders, Interpreter and as Translators. Most of the schools and colleges also recruit students with MA English Literature. But students must also qualify in the NET or SET exam in order to get postings in government run colleges. They are also recruited as campaign managers and as speech writers which require sophisticated writing skills in the government departments.

Job Prospects Abroad after M.A in English Literature

As English is well sought-out as an international language, there is a huge requirement for candidates. Most of the jobs in the similar field will be of teaching in schools or colleges abroad. There are many programs which present prospects for graduates to teach in countries abroad. Candidates will get a chance to have a thrilling cross-cultural adventure with a MA English Literature and some additional courses in ESL.  Some of the other jobs for students with MA English Literature include proofreaders, Copy Editors or writers etc.  Students can also decide on for doing research work overseas. In order to acquire jobs abroad or even for PHD programs students will have to secure relevant work experience.



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    tarannum bano:

    Iworked as a TGT English teacher for three years and also as a lecturer in diploma enggering college for three years now i am working as a Asst. professor in engerring college my percentage is 66.6 in english literature . I AM Interested in doing researh in english literature along contiune my job in college what can i do ?

  3. 10
    Manisha Sharma:

    If i want to be a english lecturer is it required to do B.Ed. after completing PHD.

  4. 9
    Megha kose:

    I complete my m.a english with 44% which type of job i do or which course i do tell me any entrance exam is available with scholarship

  5. 8
    Triveni Kiran:

    This is Triveni, completed MA in English literature. I have 3 years experience as a Proofreader and 3 years as a Lecturer and as a Teacher. I know MS OFFICE, ADOBE TOOLS. Since past 6 years I am not working. Now Iam looking for a job. Please guide me . What can I do infuture except teaching.

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    dear sir/madam i am a student of english literature i am doing mphil now. i have an interest for phd in literature subject. will u give me some suggestion for phd especially some university or institution where i can get scholarship.

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    prakash swami:

    i passed english literature with 55.25% now i work as primary teacher i have interest in reserch in lit & ialso interested to work in college.

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    if have any oppertunity in India or abroad please inform me

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    riya pathan:

    m m.a in eng lit. Frm kuk Getting just 48% what job opportunities for me

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    my sister appear in last yeat of ma in eng lit i just need to know what is a job apportunities for her and sallary income inshort

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    I am doing my M.A in English Literature and want a good job except teaching.

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    sadiya jamal:

    I pass out M.A in English Literature in 2008 with 52%, now I want to get a government Job in teaching sector. Please help me what can i do for it.