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National institute of technology Warangal is one of the NITs among the group of 30 NITs across the country. It is one of the renowned technical institutes in the country. It is best known for its quality of education and learning in a multi cultural and diverse environment. They help to impart best learning and practical trainings among its students so that in future they become successful and competent engineers. Apart from this the institute helps encourage the new ideas among students and cultivates their vision so that they could strive for excellence in the long run.

If you want to know the details of this institute then its official website could be the best place. The website is always updated with recent events, news and activities of the campus. It is one of the easiest way through which one could gather information about NIT Warangal in details. This website contains several sections like campus, academics, student activities, placement and training, facilities etc. Apart from these, there are separate forums for alumni association, TEQIP, rules and regulation etc. The website is so designed that it is very interactive. The institute’s student as well as the students from all around India or foreign countries could also get a detailed overview about NIT Warangal campus.

Each segment of this website gives detailed overview about the campus. Academics show details about the courses that are being offered at the institute. Placement and training is the very important section for both existing and non NIT students who could get an idea about placement activities at the campus. It is quite an interactive site for the faculties as well. Staff association show the detailed about the faculties associated with the institute. There is a separate section where one could get all the important links and contacts of the associated people.



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    aishwarya roy:

    sir, i have to fill the online form for afmc as i have opted afmc in NEET - UG 2013 but i don’t know from where to get it ? kindly tell me when the forms will be available . i don’t want to miss the last dates of form filling .sir/maam please reply before its too late……

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    can i get seat in NIT Warangal having scored 62 marks in AIEEE with category OBC ?

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    can i get seat in NIT Warangal having scored 62 marks in AIEEE

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    phd results december2011 in nitw:

    phd chemistry interview result for january 2012 session

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    my air rank 137124 category 6013 state rank 17182 category 758 iam from AndhraPradesh SC category.please say will i get seat in nit warrangal.

  6. 2

    sir how to enter nit official website. I didnt down load the application form. how did I download it ?

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    sir am get gate score is 493 ,rank is OBC and am belongs to EEE steam sir can i get a admission on you are college as POWERSYSTEM OR POWER ELECRONICS are my subjects otherwise can i get a admission in any other south indian NITs with same subjects