JNTU B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering-2nd Year Database Management Systems Papers


As the name suggest Database Management systems controls the use, maintenance and creation of databases. In database any organisation can store loads of information and with the help of DBMs can update it every now and then. It also allows multiple users to access the same database at the same time and do their work. DBMS supports query language to write database programs.

Database Management Systems as an important subject for Computer Science students

DBMS helps the students of Computer Science and Information Technology a lot. Almost all the banks are doing core banking for which a strong database program is required and this has to be taken care by an It or CSE engineer. Apart from this Income Tax Department, Sales Tax Department, Government firms, private organisations etc have their own database for keeping records of all the employees, work carried out, and keeping all other records. All of these firms require a person who has DBMS knowledge and who can do this task efficiently for them.

Question Paper Pattern followed by the University

The paper of Database Management System is consisting of 8 questions in it. All of these questions are of long answer type, there are questions which are of data base type or they are needed to be solved with a required diagram. From the given 8 questions; students have to attempt only 5 and these questions are of equal marks. Every question is divided into 2 sub-questions for the ease of students. The paper also contains short notes.

Questions asked more often

The paper contains various types of questions, some examples are explanation of the distinction between closed and open hashing, relative merits in DBMS, pointer method, Two phase lock, Conservative two phase lock, explain the serial & non serial serializability schedule, short notes on Serializability& Recoverability, Explain the 4NF, dependency Preservation property for decomposition, query language, relational completeness, unsafe query, Transaction management in a database, Query Processor of Database system structure etc.

Marks and time for this paper

The paper gives a chance to score a maximum of 80 marks in it and time allotted for this is 3 hours only. Students can score the maximum marks which is 80 in the paper.

Recommended Books:

  • Database management systems by Raghu
  • Database Management Systems by Ravi Jasuja
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