Karnataka Public Service Commission Chemistry Papers


Topics taught in this paper:

The topics which are discussed in this paper are dimensions, atomic orbital theory, rate theory and coefficients, reaction rates etc.

Division of paper:

There are two parts of this paper. Each paper is divided into four sections as Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D.

Paper Pattern:

The question paper is in two parts. The maximum time allowed to solve each of the question papers is three hours. Both the paper contains 300 marks with a combined total of 600 marks. The question paper is printed in both the English and Kannada languages. Both the Paper 1 and Paper 2 of this paper consist of a total of 22 questions.

The paper is divided into four parts. Part A of the Paper contains a total of 20 marks. Part B contains a total of 100 marks while the Part C of the Paper contains 90 marks and the Part D of the question Paper consists of a total of 90 marks. There arte 4 questions in this part and each question carry a maximum of 5 marks and the word limit is of 50 words. Part B of the paper contains 10 questions with 10 marks each with a word limit of 100 words. Part C of the paper contains 6 questions carrying 15 marks each and part D contains 3 questions with30 marks.

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