Karnataka Public Service Commission Philosophy Papers


With growing demand in the study of general and fundamental problems related with knowledge, value, mind, language etc the need for the study of the philosophy paper under Karnataka Public Service Commission has also increased. A careful analysis of the paper pattern helps to prepare for the exam in an easier way.

Brief Contents

The main topics that are covered in this subject are Metaphysics and Epistemology, Socio-Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion.

Paper Pattern:

The paper is of 3 hour duration and the total marks for the paper is 300. The paper is in two languages and the students can answer in any of the two given languages. The paper is divided into four sub-sections. The total marks for section A, B, C and D are 20, 100, 90 and 90 respectively. Section A has four questions of 5 marks each, section B has 10 questions of 10 marks each, section C has 6 questions of 15 marks each and the last section i.e. section D has five questions each of 30 marks. All the questions from the first three sections have to be answered and any three questions from the last section need to be answered.

What should be the Approach?

The candidates must always remember that KPSC papers may seem to be lengthy if their approach is not appropriate. Instead of writing pages after pages candidates must focus on providing sub-heads and bullets in their answers. Try to be precise and cover all the necessary points in your answer. In this way you will save time and at the same time your answer will be more presentable.

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