PTU, MBA, Semester II, Financial Management Papers


Topics taught:

The topics that are to be taught in this paper are discounting, ARR, convertible and non convertible preference shares, capital rationing, corporate restructuring, economic value added (EVA), etc.


The paper contains questions which are categorized in two sections called Section A and B.

Time and marks:

Candidates are supposed to answer this question paper of full marks 60 in three hours.

Paper Pattern:

The mode of language of the question paper is in English. There are seven questions in the paper which are distributed among the two sections. The first part or Section A comprises of only one question. This question is further divided into ten smaller parts. Each part of this section carries a maximum of 2 marks. All the questions of this section are the compulsory one. There are six questions in the Section B. There are some choices provided in this section of the paper. Only 4 questions are to be attempted out of the six questions o this section. Each question of this section carries 10 marks while the first question of the paper contains 20 marks.

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