Kuvempu University-MA in Sociology-Research Methodology (Paper II) Papers


The papers on Research Methodology are a part of the Master in Arts from the much reputed university of Kuvempu University in the particular discipline of Sociology. The paper on Research Methodology is a subjective paper based on the subject and it is based in two languages, English and the other regional language.

Paper pattern:

The paper on Research Methodology paper two is a subjective based paper. The paper is a compulsory paper that comes in the first semester of the MA in Sociology. The paper comes in two languages , English and a regional language and one needs to choose any one language for attempting the paper. In this paper you will find 10 questions and you can answer any 5 questions out of those 10. Each question is of 16 marks and requires a descriptive answer. You will find 4 short notes in the last question. Candidates who will opt for this question need to answer 2 of them. Each short notes is of 8 marks.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The marks allotted to the Research Methodology paper is 80. Candidates have to answer 5 questions of 16 marks each. The time taken to complete the paper is three hours only.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of the frequently asked questions are enumeration of the basis of an interview, validation of data and its correct technique, definition of concept, short notes on historical research, description of stratified sampling etc. Some other important questions are short notes on questtionaire, its limitations and advantages, social research and various steps involved, secondary data, hypothesis and its role in social research, Research report etc.


  • Research Methodology by Kothari
  • The Social Sciences: Honoring Human Experience by Rosemarie Anderson
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