Kuvempu University-MA in Sociology-Development of Sociological Thought (Paper I) Papers


The Development of Sociological Thought paper in the masters of Arts in the discipline of Sociology from the Kuvempu University is encountered in the first year of the course and is a compulsory paper. It comes in two languages, English and the regional language.

Paper pattern:

Development of Sociological Thought is a subjective paper which has only long essay type descriptive answers. The paper on -Development of Sociological Thought has no sections. There are 10 questions in total and candidates are required to answer 5 questions according to their choice. All questions carry equal marks i.e. 16 marks. The question no. 10 is short notes. They get four choices and need to answer any two short notes of 8 marks each.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The maximum marks allotted to the Development of Sociological Thought paper is eighty marks. The time given to finish this elaborate subjective type paper is three hours only.

Frequently asked questions:

The frequently encountered questions in the Development of Sociological Though paper are on current topics. Some of the topics of interest are classical social thinkers, Herbert Spencer’s Theory of Organic Analogy, Origin and Development of Sociology, Durkheim’s Theory of Division of Labour, Simmel’s Formal Sociology, Social Facts, Residues and Derivations, gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, Class Struggle, Alienation etc.

Going through previous years question papers will tell you the marks allotted for above mentioned questions so that you can prepare your answers accodingly. It is very important to frame your answers according to the marks allotted.


  • Development of Sociological Theory (7th Edition)
  • Development of Sociological Theory  by Irving M. Zeitlin
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