PTU-B.Pharmacy 1st Semester-Pharmaceutical Analysis-I Papers


The paper of the subject Pharmaceutical Analysis-I is encountered in the first semester, first year of the Bachelors in Pharmacy course from the Punjab Technical University. The subject has two parts and paper two for the Pharmaceutical Analysis comes in the third semester of the same course.

Paper pattern:

The Pharmaceutical Analysis-I is a subjective based paper. The syllabus is divided into sub sections and questions pertain to all the sections of the syllabus. The paper on Pharmaceutical Analysis-I has been divided into three broad sections. Section A consists of two marks short questions and one has to attempt this section as this section is mandatory. There ar 15 questions in this section. The second section or section B has five marks questions and one has to attempt any four out of the five questions given. The last section has questions having a little more elaborate answers and each of the questions are of ten marks. One has to attempt any three out of these 4 essay type questions.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The paper on Pharmaceutical Analysis-I of the first semester of the Bachelors in Pharmacy from the PTU has a maximum attainable marks of 80 in the theoretical paper. The time allotted for the paper is three hours only. There are three sections and marks are divided accordingly.

Frequently asked questions:

The Pharmaceutical Analysis-I paper has some important topics that are frequently asked in the papers. Some of those topics are significance of quality control, acid base titrations including ceric sulphate, precipitation titrations, fajan’s method,gay luccas methods etc. Other important topics are gravimetric analysis, specific examples and the techniques involved in such experiments, electrode potential methods etc.


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