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Paper Description:

Quantum theory is a very essential and important part of physics. The study of quantum theory involves the detail study of how energy is absorbed and emitted by a matter with the motion of particles such as electrons and protons, which are also known as energy carriers. The relationship between energy and matter was base of quantum theory. The two major sub headings under quantum theory are non-relativistic quantum theory and Relativistic quantum theory.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of the highlighted topics and questions that the students view every year are discussed below. As the ground of quantum is really vast so there are very few numbers of questions that repeated almost every year.

Describe the dual nature of waves and particles.

Explain the concept of wave packet in space and time and also obtain the velocity of it.

Obtain the classical field equation in Lagrangian formalism for a system of particles. Explain what is meant by second quantization.

Obtain the expression for the transition probability per unit using time dependent perturbation theory.

Questions often come on Schrodinger and Heisenberg theory and their equation.

Paper pattern:

M. Sc in Physics, Quantum Theory Paper of Madurai Kamraj University is completely a subjective paper which consists of a total of ten questions along with the optional ones. Under each number there are two questions from which the students have to answer one, which implies that the students have to attempt five out of the ten questions. Each question holds 20 marks and the total marks allotted to the paper are 100. These questions may or may not be having any sub parts and are essay type questions. The total time given for the completion of the paper is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Quantum theory by Stephen Hawkins.
  • Quantum Physics for Poets by Leon Lenderman.
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