Madurai Kamraj University, M.Sc. In Physics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics Papers


Master of physics is a very good course for those students who want to peruse a higher degree in physics. Physics is a very vast field and it is a good option for research or higher studies. The subject is a core branch for many others subject.

Paper description

Atomic and Nuclear Physics is a very vast branch of Physics. Atomic Physics deals with the isolated system of nuclei and electrons. Nuclear Physics studies the interactions and building blocks of nuclei.

Paper Pattern:

Total questions asked in Atomic and Nuclear Physics papers are 5 and each question has its own alternative. So, candidates have to attempt one from each of the given choices. The questions are of equal marks. Questions are to be solved with the help of required diagram if necessary. Generally questions are repeated, so candidates should go through the previous year’s paper.

Frequently asked questions:

Students must go through the previous year’s question papers in order to know the paper pattern and questions which are asked frequently. This will help a lot in their preparation. Some of the questions asked frequently are Pauli’s exclusion principle, atomic scattering factor, nuclear quadruple factor, structure of atomic particle, nuclear forces, shell model of nucleus, Gamow’s theory of alpha decay, Nu’s experiment, reciprocity theorem, Breit-Wigher dispersion formula, neurons, plasma confinement phenomenon, CPT theorem, ideas of eightfold symmetry of elementary particles etc.

Total marks and time allotted:

A student can get a highest of 100 marks in the paper and time duration for the paper is 3 hours only. Each question in the paper is of 20 marks. There are no sub-questions in any of the question, so candidates have to keep that in mind.

Recommended Books:

  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics T A Littlefield
  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics by Routledge
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