Madurai Kamraj University, M.Sc In Physics, Classical Mechanics And Statistical Mechanics Papers


Classical mechanics and statistical mechanics are two major and vast fields of physics. This paper of physics covers mechanics as well as thermodynamics and is not at all easy to deal with until you know the basic concepts of physics in details and take good interest in the subject.

Paper Description:

This course consists of series of lectures along with practical classes, designed especially for the students to get familiarized with classical and statistical mechanics. Classical mechanics mainly deals with the set of physical laws which describes the motion of bodies under the action of various system of force. Whereas, statistical mechanics or we can say statistical thermodynamics is that branch of physics which applies probability theory and contains mathematical tools to deal with bulk populations, for the study of thermodynamic behavior of systems.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of the frequently questions and few important topics are as follows:

Hamilton’s function and Hamilton’s equation of motion, configuration space, phase space and state space, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian of relativistic particles and light rays.

Define Euler’s angles and derive the Euler’s equations of motion.

Bose-Einstein distribution law; derive and explain.

Explain the Hamilton-Jacobi method.

Paper pattern:

M.Sc in physics, classical mechanics and statistical mechanics papers of Madurai Kamraj University is completely a subjective type paper consisting of five to six broad answer type questions. Every question appears with another question from which the candidates can attempt the question of their own choice. Each question of this paper carries twenty marks. So, at the end of the paper you have to attend five questions each of different serial number in order to attempt the full hundred marks which the paper holds.

Marks and Time Allotted

The paper is 100 marks and the total time allotted for the completion of this paper is three hours.

Recommended books:
  • Classical Mechanics, by  J.C Upadhyaya
  • Statistical Mechanics, by Huang and Kerson
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