Madurai Kamraj University, M.Sc. in Physics, Mathematical Physics Papers


Master degree in the field of Physics is a great course and sector to choose and each candidate get an opportunity to discover him in the course with the subjects he love the most. Mathematical physics is a compulsory subject for anyone who is doing this degree.

Paper Pattern:

The question paper contains numerical questions mainly but some questions are theoretical as well in the paper. The paper is a compulsory paper for the students. Total no. of questions in the paper is 5 and each question contains its alternative in it.  Students have to answer one from the given 2 questions. The paper contains only long answer type questions and candidates should have to answer accurately, all questions are of equal marks. Numerical questions are to be answered with step method.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions in the paper are of subjective type and ratio of numerical question to the theoretical one is 3:1. The paper is a conceptual paper; questions asked are such as state and prove the Stoke’s theorem in space, covariant, contravarient and mixed tensors, definition of metric tensors, functions of sines and cosines, integral questions such as from definite integral, Fourier transform of the equation,  Gaussian probability functions, Bessel differential equation, Hermite polynomial functions, Greens functions for Poisson equation etc.

Total marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks which can be obtained in this paper are 100 and time allotted in this paper is 3 hours only. Each question in the paper is of equal marks and there are no sub-questions in the paper.

Recommended Books:

  • A Mathematics Primer for Physics by Andrew E. Blechman
  • An Introduction to Topos Physicsby MariosTsatsos – arXiv
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