Mumbai University B.E in Bio-medical Engineering 3rd Semester Biomaterials Papers


Bio Medical engineering is the combined form of engineering and medicine. The branch deals with the applications and research in the bio-medical sector which is a new branch of engineering and it is in its development phase, so jobs opportunity are much higher than any other branch of engineering.

Paper Pattern:

Mumbai University B.E. in Bio-medical engineering 3rd semester Biomaterials Paper is a subjective paper which requires a good knowledge in the paper as the paper contains theoretical based questions. Generally 7 questions are asked in the paper and candidate has to answer only 5 questions from it. Each question carries equal marks and has 2 sub-parts of it and are of equal marks.  The paper is to be solved within its given time and assumption of data is needed wherever required. The questions asked are of long answer type questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in this paper are of subjective type. The paper has questions on different metals and alloys, properties of surfaces, properties of metal, composition of materials, short notes on bone cement, etc. materials used in different medical equipment such as pacemaker, corrosion and passivity, corrosion rate etc. The questions are varying from syllabus and every year questions repeats it.

Total marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks in this paper are 100 and time allotted for it is 3 hours, each question in the paper carries 20 marks which is further divided into two sub-questions of 10 marks each. As there are long answer type questions, word limits is also important.

Recommended Books:

  • Biomaterials by M. Lysaght
  • Biomaterials by B. Veron
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