Mumbai University B.E in Instrumentation Engineering 5th Sem Control System Components Papers


Mumbai University is one of the leading Universities in India, the standard and rating of this University is very high. The degree of engineering in Instrumentation is having a good scope in the present time and the branch provides the knowledge in the instrumentation of many machines.

Paper Pattern:

The subject of Control System Components is a technical paper and questions are of numerical as well as theoretical type. Total no. of questions in the paper is 7 and only 5 from it are needed to be attempted. The questions are of equal marks. Question no. 1 is compulsory which covers the entire syllabus and rest questions are mixed in nature. Weightage of each module is decided on the no. of lectures assigned. All questions in this paper are of lengthy answers and needed to be solved with required diagram and sketch if required in a question.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper has its questions based on the examination pattern strictly. Questions asked are such as Heat exchangers: classification as per fluid flow arrangement and construction, feedback, feed-forward, Distillation column, Batch and continuous distillation, accessories, Distillation column control strategies, Control system for compressor, Process control for Industries, Safety in Instrumentation control systems, Batch Process Industries, Continuous Process Industries, Process of drying, types of dryer- Tray, fluidized bed, rotary, and spray, and their control strategies etc.

Total marks and time allotted:

A highest of 100 marks can be obtained in this paper by a student; time in which the paper is needed to be solved is 3 hours only. All questions are of equally marks and needed to be solved within the given time for it.

Recommended Books:

  • Unit operation and chemical EngineeringTata McGrawHill- fifth edition by W.L.McCabe and Julian Smith
  • Instrument engineers handbook- Process controlChilton book company- 3rd edition by Bela G. Liptak
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