Mumbai University, B.E in Electronics Engineering, 5th Sem., Electromagnetic Engineering Papers


Electronics engineering is a vast subject and deals with a lot of subjects. That is why it has several important subjects in its four year’s course. One of the subjects taught in the 3rd semester is Electromagnetic Engineering papers.

Paper description:

The paper electromagnetic engineering deals with the study of electromagnetic waves and rays. The subject includes study of basic concept of electromagnetic and various factors that affect electromagnetism. The subject also includes detailed study of various equations and concepts that are used in transmission of these electromagnetic waves.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper has several questions asked from various topics of the syllabus. Few of the important topics from which questions are framed every year are: Basic Concept of electromagnetism, Electric field intensity, gauss’s law, flux, Faraday’s law, Potential etc. apart from that, topics like Maxwell equation, poynting’s theorem, polarizations, Helmontz equation are also important from the examination perspective.

Paper pattern:

The paper of electromagnetic engineering is a subjective and conceptual paper. The paper has 7 questions like several other papers of Mumbai University. The paper has seven questions and only 5 are to be answered. Every question in the paper is of 20 marks. Question number 1 is compulsory. Every student will have to answer question number 1 compulsorily. From the remaining 6 questions, any 4 are to be answered. If question number 1 is not attempted or answered, marks will be given out of 4 questions only.

Marks allotted and Time granted:

The paper of electromagnetic engineering is of 100 marks and the time duration in which the paper is to be answered is 3 hours only.

Recommended books:

E. C. Jordan & K. G. Balmain-Electromagnetic Waves & Radiating Systems
G.S.N.Raju, Electromagnetic Field Theory and Transmission Lines, Pearson Education
John D Krauss, Engineering Electromagnetics, McGraw-Hill
Edminister, Engineering Electromagnetics, Schaum series, Tata McGraw-Hill

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