Mumbai University, B.E In IT, 4th Sem., Internet Programming Papers


Internet programming is something that a computer science and information technology students have to study sincerely during their course. This subject is an important subject and a must in every aspect. That is why; the course is given so much stress under Mumbai University.

Paper description:

The paper is a very important paper of the IT and CSE trade. It deals with the base on computer functioning, which is programming. Thus, the subject plays a very crucial role in the learning program of Information technology, because IT is all about designing software through programming. The paper includes study of various languages (MACHINE languages) through which software and programs can be designed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The paper has a lot of programs and programming based questions. These kinds of questions are repeated almost every year. Apart from that, questions about the theoretical portion of the programming language are also asked almost every year.

Paper pattern:

Mumbai University B.E in IT 4th Sem Internet Programming Paper is an important paper of the CSE and IT branch of engineering. The paper pattern is similar to other papers of the university. The paper has 7 questions in total. However, candidates do not require answering all 7. Rather they need to answer only 5. Out of these 5, question number 1 is compulsory to be answered. Rest 4 answerable questions can be chosen from the given 6 questions in the paper. Questions are further divided in to subparts so that students find it easier to answer the questions.

Marks allotted and Time:

Candidates are asked to solve this paper of 100 marks within the time duration of 3 hours.

Recommended books:

Internet and Java Programming Book by R Krishnamoorty
Internet and Java Programming Book by Karan Bajaj

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