Mumbai University, BE, 2nd Sem., Computer Programming-II (CP-2) Papers


Mumbai University is one of the finest places in the country where you can pursue various courses in the field of engineering, technology, arts, commerce et cetera. Most students in the country aspire to study in this university. B.E engineering students, during the 2nd semester of the course at the university have to learn computer programming and have to answer to papers of this subject. This subject is all about computer programming and is important for students who are looking for a career in the software field.

About the subject and paper pattern

The subject is about programming and the candidates have to learn various programming languages under this subject. The candidates need not learn core programming but should master the basic concepts that will help them to write simple programs.

The paper does not contain any sections. There are 7 questions in the paper. The first six questions contain two sub questions and the 7th question contains five sub questions. Out of the seven questions, Question 1 is compulsory. From the remaining six questions, the candidates need to answer any four. The paper is totally descriptive and there are no objective questions. The questions ask the candidates to write programs in popular languages like JAVA that will perform simple tasks. In addition to programming questions, questions regarding the theory of the languages used will also be present in the paper. Thus the candidates need to master programming skills and also the theory associated with it.

Marking scheme and duration of paper

The paper is marked out of 100. Each section carries 20 marks and the candidates have to attempt 5 questions in all. The duration of the paper is three hours.

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    I m an FE student from MU and would like to ask that ,whether a drop (failing in betn d course ) during my engg. course will effect my job aspects.
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