Optometrist - How to become an Optometrist?


The career of Optometrist involves diagnosis and treatment of the visual impairments associated with eye. They identify the functional as well as physiological disorders associated with vision and prescribe ways to overcome it. These professionals also deal with the design and manufacture of optical accessories such as contact lenses, spectacles, etc. They advise patients regarding visual hygiene and other therapeutic procedures employed in correcting and maintaining vision. The candidate should possess sufficient educational qualifications and expertise in order to do well in the profile.

Qualifying exam

The candidate has to pass graduation in optometry from any of the recognized institutions in order to get in to the job. The course is usually offered as a four-year program including the internship of one year. Those who successfully complete the course can find vacancies in hospitals, optical dispensaries, in optical accessory manufacturing firms. These professionals can also work in academics and as freelancers.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who have completed HSC class studies with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as subjects are eligible to apply for undergoing bachelor level courses in optometry. The study acts as the basic qualification for one to get in to the position of Optometrist. Those who undergo higher studies in optometry can chose employment in the areas of academics or they can get in to other senior level profiles in the area.

Key elements in the process

  • Finish XII class studies with Science as the major subject
  • Pursue graduation in Optometry from any of the recognized educational institutions
  • Obtain ample experience by working in entry-level positions under any of the reputed optometric firms
  • Search and apply for the job position of Optometrist.

Skills required for an Optometrist

Those who are interested in identifying and treating eye and vision disorders can consider the job as a goodchoice. Keen subject knowledge and good eye hand coordination are required for one to perform well in the job. Interpersonal skills and ability to create healthy relation with patients are also preferred in the job. Adequate communication and documentation skills are also desired for the profile. Manual dexterity, patience, confidence, etc are other important personal traits required for one to excel in the job.



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    Samrat Chakraborty:

    Sir,i’ve passed hsc with 80%marks from state board..will i get admission in optometry course in any college?then pls inform me the name of the colleges with admission details