Salaries after B.Sc. Nursing


The nursing job is said to be the most dignified job in the world. It is an important part of the medical care system. It is all about the caring of sick people with science of healthcare. Women are mostly engaged in these jobs. Those who have successfully completed B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in Nursing can find jobs in various government as well as private hospitals, healthcare centers, dispensaries, etc.These graduates are also recruited in Military and Railway departments. The various other places where the nurses can find employment are

  • Nursing homes
  • Orphanages and old age homes
  • Training institutes
  • Health projects and scheme run by government departments
  • Industrial houses and factories

The remunerations given to nurses are fairly good in many health care organisations in the country. A B.Sc. Nursing holder can earn up to Rs.15, 000/- per month at the beginning and around Rs.25, 000/- with experience. While a M.Sc. holder can earn Rs.20, 000/- per month at the entry it can be around Rs.30, 000/- after experience.

Salaries after B.Sc. Nursing in Government Organizations

A beginner in the nursing field in government hospitals can receive up to Rs.15, 000/- per month. Their pay packages will gradually increase with experience and skills. However a nurse employed in defense services and Railway departmental hospitals will receive high remunerations compared to the government hospitals. In the teaching field a B.Sc. fresher can receive Rs.12, 000/- per month and for a M.Sc. holder it ranges from Rs.25, 000/- to Rs.30, 000/- per month. If they are PhD holders then their pay packages will increase up to Rs.40, 000/- or Rs.50, 000/- per month in government institutions.

Salaries after B.Sc. Nursing in Private Institutions

The salary for a nurse in private hospitals and other firms are less compared to the government firms. In these sectors they have a fixed daily wage. They can earn Rs.7000/- to Rs.8000/- per month in a private hospital. The midwives will receive above Rs.4000/- monthly in addition to the fixed fee per birth registered. For the health workers it ranges only from Rs.1000/- to Rs.2000/- per month.

Remuneration after B.Sc. Nursing in Private Practice in India and Abroad

The pay package for a B.Sc. nurse will depend on various factors like seniority, job type, hospitals and their specialization. However a nurse who wishes to work abroad will receive very high remuneration compared to their counterpart in India. They can find jobs in orphanages, old age homes, as home nurses, etc in overseas also. These jobs ensure better pay packages monthly. A B.Sc. Nurse can earn up to Rs.1 lakh to Rs.3lakhs per month in foreign countries.



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