Salaries after MDS


To excel as a dentist one needs to really work hard and put immense effort. Dentists have a lot of opportunities in government and private institutes. They can start a career in hospitals, health departments etc. They even can start their career by setting up their own dental clinics. Dental departments in colleges also provide opportunities for dentists to start their career with nice pay packages.

Salaries after MDS in Government Organizations

In government sector, the initial pay for dentists will be less compared to other sector. But their salary will increase accordingly, based on the experience they gain. Getting placed in government sector is really a difficult task. They also need to write departmental test for promotion, which will increase their pay packages. The fresher in this field can also earn in between Rs.25000 to Rs.30000 as per their performance.

Salaries after MDS in Private Institutions

The pay in private institutions for dentists is determined on the basis of their skill and talent. Normally the monthly salary of dentist in private sector ranges from Rs.25000-Rs 40000. Experienced doctors in the private sector earn a salary ranging from Rs. 25,000-1, 50,000 per month. Many dental colleges have their own hospitals and if a candidate proves his potential during course of studies, they can even get placed in the same institute in which they do their course and will be paid nicely from the starting stage itself.

Remuneration after MDS in Private Practice in India and Abroad

Lots of opportunities are available for dentists in India and in abroad. Many dentists prefer to work abroad because of the pay packages available to them. Their pay packages are high in countries like UK and Australia compared to India. In order to build a lucrative career, the dentists need to really work hard. They should be dedicated to their profession, provide as much service to the patient and provide comfort to them through good treatment.  The satisfaction of the patient determines the growth of the dentist in his professional field. In medical field, dentists are found to be well paid and have better career options abroad. Salary of the dentists will differ according to the country in which they work. Most of the dentists get a pay of around   Rs, 18 to 25lakhs/annum, abroad. The experience and the professional record play an important role in determining the pay of the dentists.

The role of a dentist is not confined to the area in which they specialize. They provide essential health care services and also enjoy a respectable position in the society.



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    Can we do practice in us with mds certificate without doing dds?

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    what will be my salary per month if i do mds??

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    hi, what is annual income of BDS whos own clinical practice setup? is there is annual growth in income after five year of practice ?