Salaries after B.Pharm


A lot of employment opportunities are available for aspirants who have accomplished their graduate level course in pharmacy. Job opportunities are available for them with firms of both the private and public sector. Besides this, they can also try for jobs abroad. Those who would like to be independent can start their own consultancies or pharmaceutical stores.

A few areas where pharmacists can get work include:

  • Government Departments
  • Investigations
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • R&D organizations
  • Teaching Hospitals
  • Universities

Salaries after B.Pharm in Government Organizations

Many employment opportunities are available for aspirants with the Indian government. Many tests are carried out by the state and central governments. Aspirants can appear for these tests and get employed in the job of their choice. The salary of aspirants shall show a variation from job to job. Aspirants who are employed with the R&D departments of the government shall get an initial salary of Rs. 8000- Rs.10000 each month. Those who would like to go for teaching shall make around Rs. 8000- Rs.12000/-. The salaries of aspirants of this field shall be depended upon the norms of the Indian Medical Aspirants who have a graduate degree in pharmacy will be able to get better positions and get more remuneration. Their salary shall range from Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 25,000 a month. The salaries of those who are employed as lecturers or teachers shall be determined as per the norms of the government of India.

Salaries after B.Pharm in Private Institutions

Because the Bachelor of Pharmacy is a professional course, a lot of career opportunities are available for aspirants who have completed this course successfully. A fresher of this field will initially get as much as Rs.8000 to Rs.10000 a month. Then again, their salary is also depended on the performance of the students. Those who would like a career in teaching will get a remuneration of approximately Rs.10000 to Rs.15000 every month. Students of M.Pharm will have the opportunity to command better salaries. They will get around Rs. 3 to 6 lakhs every year. With an experience of minimum 5 years, aspirants will be able to get a remuneration of almost Rs. 9 to 12 lakhs each year.

Remuneration after B.Pharm in Private Practice in India and Abroad

Generally, those who have their own pharmacy or consultancy will be able to make more. But this is depended on the skills as well as popularity. When we are talking about salaries that are offered overseas, a pharmacist in the US shall be able to make as much as $105,560to $117,169 a year. This means a minimum of $8,796 to $9,764 each month.

Individuals of this field will be able to get jobs with a variety of industries. This includes pharmacy, healthcare and hospitals etc. The salaries offered in most of these sectors are almost equal. Because of the demand for pharmacists both in India and overseas, the salaries offered by popular employers are very much close to that is mentioned above.



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    i m a bpharm final year student and right now working on a major project of med chem breast cancer drugs designing and wanna make a career in research and development field in a brand.what must b my next step?

  2. 40
    bibek pal:

    after b.pharm how can i get a job in Drug squad in police department,and in investigation sectors?? please sir…awaiting an reply…..

  3. 39

    I have done with 64 percent. nw i want to do SAP? Is it gud for me?

  4. 38
    Abdul gani:

    Sir, i have complete my bsc with cbz (59.40%) . this year i have selected for b pharma from up top 2/3 gov collge, but i want to discus that which will be best msc biotechnology from private college or b pharma from up gov college. Likewise about sure placement and scope?

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    [email protected]:

    I m joining bpharm courses. How much I got salaries in the courses

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    Sir m dng bphrmcy i hv intrst on phrma D bpharmacy after how do da pharma D plZz tel me sir details

  7. 35
    narendra kumar:

    Hi sir / madam I’m doing a job in prsnt time BT m not satisfied own her job. I want to be a b.pharm BT I HV not enough knowledge in this pls sir give me a some important knowledge in this course .

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    Yogesh P:

    Can I go for MBA after completing D-pharm?How much salary I will get after MBA?

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    How much salary I earned after complition of b Pharm? ??

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    best job for girls after B. pharmacy

  11. 31

    tell me minimum and maximum salary after B pharmacy

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    S.Shathik Basha:

    Hai I am s.shathikbasha. I have some doubts about B.pharm and M.pharm 1. After completing B.pharm we can study either M.pharm (or) pharm D 2. If I become a lecturer after finishing my M.pharm then to which students I can able to teach. 3.Now I have completed my 12th standard after 6 to 7 years whether B.pharm , M.pharm will develops or not.

  13. 29
    Swagat dash:

    Hello sir/mam.
    Am a student of b.pharm. I want to know the salary of a m.pharm student in as various post.

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    Sir, what will be the salary for b pharm students

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    hi sir iam sai bpharmacy completed to 51% & o.c catagiri so i stop to education job for any company minimum salari pls

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    I want to do b pharmacy.but i m confused because some said it is gud field and other it is what shall i do.give the total salary package after b pharma and its placement

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    salaries after pharm D

  18. 24

    salery after b pharm

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    I m a Bpharm scholler; sir plz tell me that how can i become a drug inspector?

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    after b.pharm which jobs are better for girls.

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    50% wrong information we are getting from web. When comare with reality. why

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    SV Suresh:

    HI Friends,

    This is SV Suresh working in one of the MNC in Banglore. I am gone through your queries. I would like to tell you about the Pharma Industry as per my experiance
    Even B.Pharm/M.pahrm now a days out coming is more than the current requirement.
    Example: If you observe any IT park; In One building 10-15 IT companies are there and area/location wise offices are present. But in Pharma few companies are there and their not extended their organisations. Any body read that any pharma companies are coming to India. Nothing….simply they are overtaking indian pharma companies for low price.

    About Pharma Salaries:
    And more over after B.pharm/M.pharm approxmately u will get 10000/12500 respectively. But B.Tech fresher will get around 3.0 lacs salary in first job. Apart from MNC’s it is not possible to reach 3.0 lacs in pharam even after 2years experiance. And more over Bsc/Msc people are ready to work for 6000/8000. Think If UR HR person to whom you prefer. M.Pharm/M.Sc………??????????

    This is bcz may be Expediture of pharma industry. For example for IT Industry 50 lakhs means we can take a floor in building and 25 computers and we can start work.

    But in Pharma one compression mission approxmately 60-75lakhs.

    So, friends be prepare for come to pharma industry.

    Think wise and select your carrier


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    Government jobs aftr b pharm

  24. 18
    Itla anusha rani:

    after doing with good percentage , will i get a central govt job ..

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    Respected sir/mam
    My name is krunal shah. I am registered
    Qualified pharmacist and I also have Master degree
    In pharmaceutical science from UK Uni
    Recently I am doing online clinical research
    And pharmacovigilance course through Cliniminds
    Pvt institute,moreover I have nearly 2.5 yrs experience
    As a qualified pharmacy assistant and dispenser from
    London retail pharmacy
    I want to know would I be eligible for teaching job
    Or any government much would I get pay initially
    Please reply me through mail
    Thanks a lot
    K shah

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    asif khan:

    which is better career after b.pharm in india

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    You should have minimum eighteen months’ experience in manufacture.
    means what sir plese said to me detailed

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    arun kumar g:

    mine puc marks of PCB is 75% can i get government colleges in Bangalore for b pharmacy

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    Jesna George:

    what are the subjects in b.Pharm course?

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    1.sir i’m looking for a job in pharmaceutical industry in hyderabad,sir i have a doubt about there any companies recruiting freshers( directly not depending on consultancies or reference. there any courses in distance(free of cost) which are helpful to improve skills as industrial requirement.which university is offering that.

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    is m.pharm is imp aftr b.pharm??
    and there r how many chances to get a job after b.pharm???

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    kavita patidar:

    i am b pharma 70% i inquary any jobs

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    hiii…i m a bpharm student …m searching for job …but nowadays….indurtries makes full time work with just a salary of 7000…so it better to study further for better scopes n salary??/

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    best options after b-pharmacy?
    after b-pharm can eligible in reserch?what are the reserch centers and where?

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    What is salary of physiotherapist in gujrat???

  36. 6


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    prashant kunal:

    sir,i hv my own medical store and im in medical store from childhood so i hv lots of experience in busines.since my brother is already in shop so i w hv 2 leave my shop so i m doing b.pharma and this is my last year..i woud like 2 do higher im in confusion whether 2 select MBA in pharma or simply sir pls sugst me wthat shud i do??

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    s.jacob immanuel antony:

    I had completed B.pharm.I just want to know if i do hospital management/hospital administration MBA course.whether.that will help me to grow… carrier?n having two years experience in a private hospital.

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    my name is samixa kapadia. I complit b.pharm. I wants job. How i get job opporcunity?

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    sir,i am doing b pharm final year after this can we get a job in us with b pharm?if we get how much we can earn in a month?and i want to know the good opportunities in europe.

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