Sathyabama University B.E/B.Tech-IInd Semester Applied Physics-II Papers


Sathyabama University is stepping ahead in the field of technical education and is also renowned for the quality educations. There are lots of streams available for the B.E/B,Tech courses offered by this university to the candidates. It conducts second semester Applied Physics-II Papers examination for all the students of B.E in AERO/M&P/ BME /MECH.

Paper Description:

The IInd Semester Applied Physics-II Papers deals with the fundamental physics. This paper includes the fundamental principles of Bernoulli’s, Joule Thomson etc. This paper gives the full description of X-ray radiography, nuclear reactors, Phonocardiography etc. It also includes the knowledge on nuclear fusion & fission, applications of Technetium 99m, refrigeration.

Paper Pattern:

The complete paper of B.E/B.Tech-IInd Semester Applied Physics-II Papers is distributed in two different groups. First group deals with short answer type questions and has a total of ten questions. Each question carries two marks. The second part of this paper deals with short notes and long answer type questions. The total number of questions included in this paper is five and the total marks allotted against each question are twelve. The students are asked to answer all the questions from part I and part II respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Generally, the questions that are regularly repeated every year are Joule Thomson Effect, Bernoulli’s Theorem, Nuclear reactions, X-ray etc. Few questions are also listed as important ones in this paper are stated as Plane Polariscope, Nuclear Fusion, Poiseuille’s formula, photo elastic effect etc.

Full Marks And Time Allotted:

The full marks against the B.Tech-IInd Semester Applied Physics-II Papers are 80 marks and the time allotted to answer all the questions is three hours.

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